1350W Photography Studio Lighting Kit Arm for Video and Youtube Continuous Lighting by MOUNTDOG 20×28” Professional Shadow Boom box Lighting Set Headlight Softbox Setup with 4 PCS 5500K Daylight Bulbs

    ☛[WARRANTY]: One Year warranty! Refund or return anytime in 1 year
    ☛[3+1 LIGHT BULBS]: In order to solve the problem that everyone has to pay extra for the bulb when the bulb is damaged, our suit is equipped with 4 bulbs. One more light bulbs than other sellers,More bulbs but lower prices
    ☛[1350W STUDIO BULB]:The light source effect of the 1350W bulb is better than other 85W and 45W bulbs. The softness of the shooting makes the shooting object more beautiful and moving.The most important thing is 1350W of light will not irritate the your eyes